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Excerpt Reveal Bad DaysFour Days Series #3

A Friends-To-Lovers Contemporary Romance


Jason Lee is the friend everyone would like to have. He’s loyal, sensitive and generous and kind to those he loves. He has dedicated himself completely to his work at the pub that he manages with his friends, who have by now become a second family to him. He is trying to make sense out of a life that is damaged by loss and pain, closing himself into his safe haven of a world that is far removed from his previous suffering, and he is determined not to lose any more than he already has.

Alex McBride returns to Dublin, having been away for five years. She finds her old house, goes to places familiar to her when she grew up there with her friends, but nothing is like it used to be. Coming back is never easy, especially if your absence is responsible for the slow destruction of someone else’s life, someone you had hoped to forget but who actually remained exactly where he was, like an open wound that continues to bleed.

Jason and Alex find each other together again after a long separation: they’ve been friends, confidants and conspirators but now they’re forced to reconcile a past that has never stopped hurting and a future impossible for them to live out together, because there’s something that could separate them, and this time, they might be parted forever.




Okay, well, here’s the embarrassing part where I have to pretend like nothing’s wrong and take her to Rain’s room. I swallow hard and block any sexual desire I’m feeling for her and behave like a gentleman.
We head upstairs and with each step I can feel my dignity slip back another stage. As we pass my room Alex hesitates and turns to me as I’m trying not to suffocate on something that seems like a mix of glass shards and pride.
“Can I… can I stay with you?” She bites her lip in embarrassment.
And she even asks me permission?
I open the door of my room, I take her by the hand and pull her to me until we’re chest to chest. She sighs for a moment and then relaxes in my arms which, from now on, will be her home.
I rub her hair and she blushes again but doesn’t break our eye contact this time. Our eyes remain like that, reflecting for one another and my heart feels like it’s about to explode with love.
I touch her face and smile at her because from now on I want her to see smiles surrounding her, no more tears or worries, no nothing.
Nothing that isn’t love.
“Hey, Alex?” I whisper to her lips.
“Don’t faint.”
She looks at me as if she has no idea what I’m about to say now.
“I’m going to kiss you now, okay?”
“Do you remember what you promised me?”
She nods again.
And a moment later my lips are on hers, light but intimate. I just brush them and I smile at her again before exploring this kiss, which is helping me get over my doubts and fears. Because kissing Alex is loving, breathing and living.
I live for this woman.
And she is timid and clumsy but she allows me to take the lead, caressing the nape of my neck with her hand. I hold her even tighter so I can feel her heart beat against my own chest and I say a silent prayer that her heart doesn’t try to play any jokes on us.
I lose the ability to speak, I lose the capacity to think.
I lose everything about myself.
I lose myself to find myself again in her.


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Release Date: July 31st




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